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In A New Playbook for Aviation Restructuring in a Post-Pandemic World, Nicholas Pastushan, executive director at Riveron, examines the challenges facing the airlines industry and offers strategies to weather the storm. 

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Pastushan outlines several key things industry operators can do to address these challenges and prepare for an uncertain future:

Leverage the hibernation period: Companies that take appropriate actions to minimize losses during a period of “hibernation” will have a high likelihood of emerging on the other side.

Adopt a conservative liquidity management strategy: A company that has already done an initial restructuring will be hard-pressed to raise new cash if its commercial plan turns out to be significantly wrong. It is better to be conservative initially, even if it involves a deeper restructuring to avoid failing to emerge due to inadequate liquidity.

Demand transparency and fair treatment: Transparency and a sense of fair treatment enables plans to be properly evaluated and can build the trust that is needed among all stakeholders for a successful restructuring.

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